Monday, February 28


frustrations about this process are running high...

there are lots of fears that SOMETHING else will continue to slow down the process...

tears flow because i don't know what else to do...

heavy is how my heart feels a lot...

for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - jeremiah 29:11

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. - psalm 62:5

And he took the children in his arms... - mark 10:16

each day is a new day...

with His help, i am trying every day to take my focus off these uncertain circumstances...
several times a day i remind myself of his faithfulness-whether i can see it or not...

almost hourly i have to remember that his in control of all things...
I know that you can do all things;
   no purpose of yours can be thwarted.- job 42:2

some days/moments are good and others are not...
 His mercies are new every day...

His love is unconditional...

He is faithful...

Friday, February 25


Like cold water to a weary soul
   is good news from a distant land. 
proverbs 25:25

Monday, February 21

17 weeks

this week begins the 17th week of being on deck...

every week that begins whether i want to or not, i think "maybe this week will be the week..."  and as 5:00 on friday rolls around i consciously or subconsciously get grumpy because another week has gone by.

my heart is heavy a lot.  when it is not heavy i am so grateful! but it seems like it doesn't stay that way very long. 

LOTS of prayers on our behalf
people who ask how the process is going... and are ok when i answer with tears in my eyes
friends also adopting and know how i feel without really having to say anything
seeing friends who have brought their children home
seeing pictures of friend's soon-to-be kids

money in the bank to pay for our next steps
encouraging notes, letters, and e-mails... at oh so the perfect time

Thursday, February 10

my three words

in january my principal asked us to share our "hopes and dreams" for 2011 in three words...


Wednesday, February 9

7 months...

i never REALLY thought february would be here and we would not know the face of our little hun-nee... in my head i KNOW His timing is perfect, but it does not mean that i feel that way.
lately there are many days that i am just funky.  i can't tell you exactly why, but i am SURE part of it is because i am TIRED of waiting.  yep, just sick of it.  i can't do anything about so i try to think of all the great things that come with waiting and how it will all seem like a blurr when we get that call... but my heart is sad and hurting and desperately wants to know who our son is.  
there are distractions...
today is not a fun one.  i am sick... i have been sick every week for the last three weeks  :P 
but here is how i am finding the positive in this... if our little hun-nee was here, i would have to take care of him while being sick.  now i can get all the rest i need and my HUN-NEE can take care of me. :D 
he does such a good job...actually a great job!!  
 he even tried to cheer me up with a "february/get well soon/tired of waiting/happy valentine's day" gift!!! 
he knew i was really sick and i didn't respond with a squeal to new shoes! :)  
but i LOVE them... thanks HUN-NEE!!
if you don't know about TOMS, you should check them out!!  With every shoe purchase they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need... LOVE IT!

Saturday, February 5

welcome home reynolds!!!

this weekend we welcomed home part of the reynolds family from ethiopia.  we were told that flights from ethiopia NEVER arrive on time and it takes FOREVER to get through customs... not their flight!  

several other families were there to welcome A and M to america
the taylor kids

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our anxious wait to meet their new kiddos was very short.  

A and Z knew each other at the transition home in ethiopia
now they only live a mile away from each other!!  crazy!!

family picture!

M had never worn a coat before

the excitement did not stop there!
a few hours later we saw the sweet faces of another friend's children. 
susan and her husband received their referral for a sibling group of three!

i can't even describe how sweet it was to see their faces and hear her excitement about her children!!  before she shared the pictures of her kids she held them against herself and said, "are you ready?  these kids are beautiful!  really.  they are just beautiful!"  
they are!  

the families we have gotten to know that are also adopting are so special to us!!  we spend hours together before we even realize it. i always leave encouraged and blessed!
very excited to welcome more families home!!!