Thursday, April 7

2nd, first court date

May 25th!

Our new court date... we are very glad that the new date is not much farther away!
but i have to be honest.  I have very mixed feelings right now.
I know our God is sovereign
I know He knows how this will work out.

I know people think:  it is still in May…. It is only a week more of waiting…. it will be ok, you'll see him soon….
I  know.  
i am sure many people think i am crazy and negative and too sensitive...
 sensitive i will give you!!!  i have never cried over ANYTHING in my life as i cry over our son, orphans, and adoption.
i am doing my best to walk through this journey knowing God is writing this story.
but i also have to be real, it's just me.
my guard is always up and now i am extra cautious about everything.  nothing is gauranteed in this process until the "process" is complete and little hun-nee is forever home!

so my eyes are full of tears and there is a knot in my throat and my heart is just sad….

BUT tomorrow is a new day AND a day closer to HOLDING our precious son!!


  1. Stacey... You are not too sensitive or negative or crazy. You are a mom who loves her son. And you are SUCH a good mom. Love you guys and praying for you in this time of waiting.

  2. Stace,
    Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. Keira has brought a basket of fears I never thought I would feel or experience. Daily I have to remind myself that she is His, He created her, He has her best interest at heart..and somehow in my mix of emotions and lack of faith my flesh woman comes up with "God, you can't do it like I can. Surely I know what she really needs!!" When I absolutely LOST it in Bible study the other day trying to explain my total-faith-in-God-but-in faith,- knowing-that-He-can-do-whatever-He-wants-with-her-fear, my friend (who has two boys in their 30's) explained to me that this "is only the beginning." Isn't that encouraging??!! lol You Stacey, are turning into a true blue mommy! :) I love you so much and wish that I could sit and cry with you. Take heart dear sister!!..Little Ezekiel Glenn is firlmy resting, nuzzled, and warm in the palm of your dear Savior's hand. You will even have to remind yourself of that when he is physically resting in yours. Love you and praying!

  3. I'm nowhere near as far in the process but I understand the emotions. We're praying for you guys and can't wait for the day that little one is with you guys!

  4. Soooooo sorry to hear of the delay. A week IS Long for any momma waiting to meet and hold and love on her son! This does not make you weak, it makes you a great momma!!!! May God lighten your heart in the waiting. I know this will all be worth it once you hold him in your arms!!!! Hang in there and let God hold you up when you feel too tired to hold yourself up!! :)

  5. big hugs, dear friend! we are ALL anxiously awaiting and praying for your son -- you are NOT negative or sensitive! you are being true to your heart as a mother of child that is not yet home.
    love you!

  6. this reminds me so much of my infertility journey and it's full of ups, downs, and sidewways trips. but keep your eye on the prize - light at the end of the tunnel - you WILL BE a mommy and it's the BEST reward for being patient and keeping the faith xoxo hang in

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