Wednesday, June 30

dossier completed and hand delivered to awaa!!!

This morning I headed down to D.C. again to meet up with Evan to have our Dossier and P of A authenticated.  I was nervous,like it was the first day of the school, the ENTIRE day!  It was the strangest thing.
On the metro I spent time reading more of The Hole in our Gospel.  I have earmarked LOTS of pages, but this quote seemed to be the one that stuck out the most during the ride to Federal Triangle.

Growth demands a temporary surrender of security -- Gail Sheehy

There is little that feels completely secure during this process.  But I can honestly say by stepping out in faith I have grown in soo many ways.  What would it look like if continually surrendered by security?  What would my life look like then?

Evan and I were so excited to be at the Secretary of D.C.'s office.  I was all prepared to ask them to take a picture of us as this officially would complete our paper chasing!!  I'll just say the lady who helped was the opposite of kind and friendly.  Our cheesy smiles quickly turned into puffed cheeks as we held our breath while she looked through our Dossier.  After a few comments, that didn't make a lot of sense to us, she handed our Dossier over to be authenticated!  I'm not sure Evan and I even smiled then... probably just in our eyes!  
Once they returned our Dossier and P of A authenticated we went outside the office and took pictures!  

Once we were outside I asked someone to take a picture of both of us! 

Before we left we prayed and thanked God for his faithfulness in our process and his continued faithfulness!

Evan and I headed back to his office and grabbed lunch.  Then I was on my way to hand deliver our Dossier and final documents to Ameria World!!

Before I went into the office I prayed over our documents one more time.  I prayed for our little hun-nee and for his birth family.  I prayed for Evan and I and our families.  I prayed for wisdom and for our family (Evan, little e, and me).  I also thanked God for his faithfulness and his constant encouragement, affirmation, and faithfulness in this process!  Then of course I prayed for the safe and speedy delivery of our documents there and back and for all the eyes that would look at our paperwork!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us... eph. 3:20


a little more color

One of the best parts of getting ALL our paper work together was putting together our "photo story" for Ethiopia.  The photo story is not part of our dossier, but included in the package that goes over to Ethiopia.  Since this is one of the few pieces are are allowed to be creative with I took advantage of the opportunity!!  We are sending this precious package that took us months to put together, that includes a lot of important information, but I'm not sure if they truly get a picture of who we are.  So, my goal was to add some color to all the black and white documents that explain why we would be good parents to one of their precious children.

Here we had to show the room where we spend the most time and the front of our home...

Next we had to show "posed" pictures in our home of just the two of us...
Finally, we got to show pictures of us in life...

The first picture is us with the Chois at the fund raising night at Chick-fil-A!

The second picture is Evan and I at a Redskins game.  It was my first NFL game and I was soo excited!  I think it was the hottest and most humid Sunday ever though.  We poured sweat the entire game... just sitting, but it was so fun to be there!

The next picture is of Evan and me at Muir Woods in Cali... that was a great trip!

Finally a picture of us all cleaned up for a friend's wedding!
I think this is good color!

Tuesday, June 29

final steps...

This morning I went through our dossier documents over and over and over to make sure I had everything I needed before I headed to DC to meet Evan.  I don't think I have guarded anything so closely in my life.
Our goal was to get everything notarized, copied, and to the office of the Secretary of DC in one afternoon.
We had to get about 8 documents notarized:  my medical insurance, Evan's life insurance, my life insurance, financial statement, USCIS approval, application letter, power of attorney, and the dossier cover sheet.  Thankfully it was a slow time when we went into Wachovia and the lady who greeted us had already notarized some documents for us before.  She was super sweet and even took a picture of us once we were all finished!!

Then we began our wild goose chase trying to find a FedEx store to make the 3 copies of the dossier.... so we walked several blocks one direction only find that it was right next to the the bottom of a hotel...
About 30 minutes later we had a large stack of copies of our precious documents 
Sooo close to being finished!  We took our documents to Anna to have her look through everything one last time.  Tomorrow we will go and have our dossier and power of attorney authenticated and it will be ready to go to Ethiopia!!

Evan and I have been truly blessed through this process.  We have seen God in so many tangible ways.  There has been very little that has gone wrong.  Today when we were walking all over D.C. trying to find FedEx, wanting so badly to get everything finished today, I couldn't help but think that satan was trying to put a kink in our plans.  I started thinking back about everything God had done and let go of my expectations to be finished today.  He has provided everything for us already.  He knows who are little hun-nee is and we will bring him home in His perfect timing.  
I have been reading Richard Stearns' Hole in our GospelRichard Stearns was a two time CEO who accepted the job of President of World Vision but not as excitedly as you might think.  Many times while reading this book my eyes are filled with tears.  If you haven't read this book, you should!

"Why did God make me? The answer? To love, serve, and obey Him... No matter where I was or what my circumstances were, I was made to love, serve, and obey God.  I could do all three whether unemployed or as a CEO - my situation didn't matter." -Richard Stearns

Thursday, June 24

"my first piggie bank"

On Thursday afternoon a number of my colleagues got together to give me this precious little pig.  It was definitely more than just a pig though... it was a pig filled with lots of love!

You probably don't have to guess whether I started to cry...  I was not only overwhelmed by the generous gifts from people, but I was so touched that my co-workers are excited and willing to help bring our little hun-nee home!!

Amazingly enough this is not the only gifts I have received from my colleagues.  Every week someone has blessed us and brought us closer to meeting little hun-nee!  I LOVE my school and am so blessed to be working with such wonderful people!!  I chuckle a little when I think back to the summer after I graduated and how concerned I was when I didn't find a job right away.  It is comforting to know God had a perfect plan to put me at Fairhill... even if it wasn't until August!!  I'm sure other schools are great, but Fairhill feels like family.  I can't wait for my Fairhill family to meet our new addition!

Wednesday, June 23

time to send the dossier!!

Tonight we got enough money to send our dossier to Ethiopia!!  A very dear friend of ours thought we would be able to send it in July.  I thought... "well that is nice but I'm sure that won't happen."  I truly believed God would provide the money we needed, but I was not believing that it would come in that soon.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..

I was definitely brought to tears tonight when we received that gift that brings us soo much closer to our little boy.  I know it might seem redundant or you might think "enough already with how you feel blessed"  but it is so true.  Evan and I could have never imagined the generosity, thoughtfulness, and encouragement we have received from family, friends,and strangers.  Never in my life have I seen God constantly provide so much in such a little time.  Evan and I whole heartedly believe God calls us to take care of the orphans, but never in my wildest imagination would I have guessed how blessed I would be through this process.  I pray that one day our little hun-nee will be able to experience God's tangible love, as much as we have, in our journey to get him!

Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading..

Monday, June 21

huge success!!

It was truly an amazing night at Chick-fil-A!!  Evan and I are so tired, but it is such a good tired.  It is difficult to express how grateful we are for every one's prayers, words of encouragement, and support.  So many times I would look around the restaurant and think, " I know almost everyone here!"  As I have said before, Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough these days...  We are totally blessed and feel God's faithfulness in tangible ways every day.

 We would love to thank everyone personally for coming, but we know we can't do that.  Please know we are so so thankful and enjoyed meeting new people, catching up with friends and family, and seeing the church body come together!  

We also want to thank Chick-fil-A, especially Mr. and Mrs. Kim, and all the staff tonight for their AMAZING service!  I couldn't believe they were just as excited as we were to see so many people there!

We will share the results of the evening as soon as we get them.  Amy, the marketing director, said this was  one of the most attended events she has ever seen!  So again, THANK YOU!!!!

One more...
Thanks to those of you who passed on our flyer to other family, friends, co-workers, and before and after church services last weekend!  

Saturday, June 19

uscis approval!

On Friday we received our approval from USCIS to bring home our little hun-nee from Ethiopia!!  

It was quite surreal to see the approval paper and know we are so close to sending off our dossier!!!  We are so excited and love that our friends and family are excited too!  

 Tonight we went to church to hand out a bunch of flyers for our fundraising night at Chick-fil-A.  
It was fun to see people's expression as we explained what the flyer was for.  Our prayer we will get more people to join us that night, but also that people are pricked by the great need for adoption.  

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.  Isaiah 1:17

Tuesday, June 15

stinky day with a great ending

today was a stinky, stinky day for several reasons.  there are very few times i feel like a day can be chalked up for a total loss.  after work i went to the gym, the first in a looong time, to let off some steam, which was super helpful.  rushed home showered, ate, and headed over to bible study which tends to be the highlight of my tuesday.  every week i leave our group feeling blessed and encouraged by these wonderful people.  tonight was just as wonderful as every other tuesday night, but what made it even better was the book grace brought to share.... a NEW elephant and piggie book!
( I couldn't get the photo to flip, so just turn your head.  or not  :) )
my hubby loves me so much he stopped by B&N at 10:30 so i could get a copy.  they were even having a sale on elephant and piggie books.  buy one, get the seconde 1/2 off...  so i saved money...right karly!?!  :)  i can't wait to read these books before our little hun-nne goes to bed!

Monday, June 14

unexpected response

Last fall my favorite car finally bit the dust.  There were lots of good memories with that car.  
Evan and I were hoping it would last until the spring so we could buy a new parents graciously let us use their car.  Once began the adoption process that purchase was put on hold.  My parents then told us we could use it until "the wheels fell off".  :)  A huge blessing!
Yesterday, probably the hottest and most humid day of the summer, we tried to start the car after church... dead.  bleh... A church parking on a Sunday morning is good place to need a jump.  A very kind friend jumped our car and it started right away!  Success, it probably only needs a battery.  No big deal... of course that is not the case.  :/  We found out this afternoon that the alternator cable is shot and it will cost over two grand to fix it.  Not the best news, but a definite opportunity to see God provide.  Recently we have seen his faithfulness in such awesome ways it is almost a little exciting to see how he will provide!
Evan and I have had our share of car issues over the last couple years.   Each time the expense tends to weigh pretty heavy on us.  Tonght it was very different.  We aren't thrilled the car died, but we know that God knows our need and he will provide a way to answer that need.

Evan's sister also showed a little love... icedream and sprinkles!!

Wednesday, June 9

USCIS fingerpinting

This is where we got our fingerprints taken.  We couldn't take our cell phone or cameras in.  So this was the closest I could get to documenting this event.  :)  Everyone was really serious inside!  Along with showing our appointment letters and driver's license we had to show them our hands.  So strange...  The fingerprinting took all of five minutes.  Too bad it didn't take five minutes to get down there.  Evan and I had a nice time driving the looooong way down to this place.  
One more item checked off!  Yay!

Monday, June 7

Chick-fil-A Night coming soon!!

In April we met a wonderful couple, the Choi's.  Evan and I joined a Bible study and met them the first night.  It was actually the night we found out we were accepted into the Ethiopia program at AWAA.  That particular night they were an absolute God send.  They shared with us that night they we were also in the process of adopting!!  They are much farther along in the process.  They already know who their little boy is!  (Her parents were actually on a trip in Korea and have met him!)  Choi boy will turn one in September and that is a huge deal in the Korean culture.  We are praying fervantly that they will be able to go to Korea before September to pick up Choi boy!  
In this process there are definitely days of total excitement and then some filled with lots of fears.  Grace and Peter have been such a blessing to have as friends through this process.   They are also the reason we are able to have our Chick-fil-A night on June 21st!!  Grace's parents own the restaurant and have graciously offered to help us through this event.  Evan and I are very thankful for this night!  We looking forward to eating dinner at one of our FAVORITE restaurants with dear friends and family! YAY!

Friday, June 4

thank you does not seem enough...

 About a week ago Evan sent out an e.mail in response to many questions about our financial need in this process.  We understood when we moved forward with the adoption the financial part was a huge piece.  We have been very humbled and moved by family and friends desire to help us bring our baby home.  Through the coffee website and donations we are close to $5,000!!  Thank you does not even begin to express how grateful and humbled we are by others encouragement, support, and generosity.  Again, God proves his faithfulness in tangible ways in regards to his word... 
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine...