Thursday, March 31

we have bedding

apparently i am not a very decisive person.
 in december and january i looked and looked for crib bedding.  i finally decided that i wanted something neutral.
we only have two bedrooms.  the nursery... that sounds weird.. is a very big room.  so if little ones down the line are going share this room, neutral was the way to go.  but it was really hard to find something....that i liked.  :)

this picture from this blog gave me an idea. 

 i loved this room!
super neutral with great accents... 

after hours of looking, this was my final decision

i found this here
 it came tonight!  my mom followed a tug on her heart and ordered it last week.... before our court date!  good job mom!

 even though we don't have a mattress for the crib yet,

i couldn't wait to see what it looked like!

can't wait for little hun-nee to be in there!

the inside is sooooo soft!!

i have some pictures of evan and my dad putting the crib together, but i can't find them at the moment... i'll update that later.

this is starting to feel very real!

Wednesday, March 30

adoption seminar

If you are interested in adoption, simply curious or just want to learn about it, this seminar is for you. We will have experts here to discuss domestic, international and foster care adoption. You will also hear testimonies from RBC adoptive families. 

click here to sign up!  we'd love to see you there!!

Tuesday, March 29!!!!!!!!!!!

in early may we will be on our way to ETHIOPIA!!!!

when i saw the e.mail about "an update"...  my heart dropped a little.  i knew i would be concerned about the news all morning.   i tried really hard not to come up with what it might be.
this morning i was extra happy to have katie co-teaching with me. 
i ran out and called evan and then called anna.  
she asked how we were...  in a small voice i said "a little nervous..."

and then we heard 
"we have a court date for you, May 13th!!"

i was stunned.
we couldn't believe it!
in a little over a month... we will be on our way to MEET our son!!

 january and february were REALLY hard months... the waiting was. so. hard.

when we received our referral and at the same time we heard... be prepared to wait.  
He got us through the last waiting, He'll get us through this one too....
  it is ok with me that it is a much shorter wait!! ha ha ha!!

we are just so excited!

Friday, March 25

mini zion reunion

tonight was a wonderful evening with some of my favorite girls!  in college we lived in the "zion house". 

we were missing one. carly is in radford... missed you!

i'm not sure i can remember the last time we were all together.  it may have been my wedding

A LOT has happened since that day... 

it was fun to catch up like it hadn't been years since we had all been together.
love these girls!

i couldn't help myself....

Tuesday, March 22

japan & jedidiah

here's another way to help with the relief effort in japan

$15 from every shirt purchased will be donated to the world vision/japan disaster relief fund.

Friday, March 11

my heart is so full.... a good full!

this morning i got an e.mail from my friend susan who is in ethiopia meeting her kiddos for the first time and to testify in court.
she had already left for her trip when we got our referral.  i sent her a photo consent form to let her take pictures of our little hun-nee!!

we haven't seen pictures yet, but this is the next best thing!

my heart is so FULL!
i am so thankful and grateful that someone that loves us, got to love on our little hun-nee!  it makes my eye fill up with tears EVERY TIME i think about it!!

Wednesday, March 9

a new stage of walking by faith...

Government of Ethiopia Plans Major Slow-Down in Adoption Processing

March 9, 2011

Citing the need to work on quality and focus on more important strategic issues, the Government of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth Affairs (MOWCYA)  will reduce to a maximum of five the number of adoption cases it processes per day, effective March 10, 2011.  Under Ethiopian adoption procedures, MOWCYA approves every match between prospective adoptive parents and an Ethiopian child before that case can be forwarded for a court hearing.  The U.S. Embassy is working with Ethiopian government officials and adoption agencies to learn more about this change in procedures.  We will continue to share information as it becomes available.

Given MOWCYA's current caseload, the U.S. Embassy anticipates that this change could result in an overall decline in case processing of some 90 percent.  If this change is implemented as proposed, we expect, that parents who have begun the process of adopting from Ethiopia but have not yet been matched with a child could experience significant delays.  It is not clear if this change in procedures would have any significant impact on cases in which MOWCYA has already approved matches. 

Prospective adoptive parents should remain in close contact with their adoption service provider to obtain updates on individual cases.

Sunday, March 6

we know his face...

 friday we received our referral call!!!

we are the PROUD parents of beautiful baby boy
he is about 2 months old
he has gorgeous brown eyes, full lips, and a head FULL of hair!! 

{due to confidentiality we cannot show post his picture}  
but i can show you some feet!!

i mean aren't they the cutest feet ever!?!

we can't stop staring at his picture and our cheeks hurt from smiling!

when we heard "this is your referral call" i just sobbed...really.
i couldn't believe this day was FINALLY here.

evan prayed and thanked God for his faithfulness and especially in the waiting.
we thanked God for our little hun-nee and asked that we could meet him soon!

then we saw him.  our son!!!

we tried the to read the information on him, but our heads were whirling.
he is healthy!!  beautiful!! we are over the moon!!

 my mom was at the women's retreat at our church.... let's just say our good news spread REALLy quickly!  :D

we called our families and a few friends and then quickly filled up our weekend telling people our good news! 

evan talking to lesley

calling matthew

 quick bite with the connelly's and the graham's before we went to tell a few more folks...

co-workers i had met up with after meeting up with karly
our kids "meeting" for the first time!
choi's "meeting" our little hun-nee

jacob giving zekel a hug!

unfortunately we didn't get pictures with everyone we saw this weekend.  mainly because we weren't always thinking straight!!  

we met up with evan's family in richmond on saturday evening to celebrate.

evan sharing the picture with his granddad

my favorite moments from the weekend:
THE phone call
our first look
the gasps from evan's family and my brother when they saw him
pat cassada when he opened the door to find us at his door step
every tear, scream, and smile from family and friends rejoicing with us!!

we are exhausted, but it is the best exhausted i think we have ever felt!!

Thursday, March 3


today was truly a peaceful day.
it was BUSY and LONG... but it was a good day
right now i am so thankful for this place of just resting in Him.

this 18th week of being dte has brought a heart change
tears fill and fall from my eyes often
i'm getting better at it
i'm realizing, i would rather cry and have a soft heart
than be "tough" and grow frustrated, angry, and bitter

His timing is perfect
our son is perfect
when we see his face, meet him, and bring him home...
will. be. perfect.

Wednesday, March 2

happy birthday dr. seuss!

in honor of dr. seuss' birthday we have read a lot of his books already this week! i linked one of my favorite books, the sneetches!  it has a great meaning!!
(warning: the songs might get stuck in your head!)

Tuesday, March 1

He met me

didn't feel like taking the time to read this morning
i wasn't really up for cleaning that wound in my heart
i decided to be faithful and He met me where i was at

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest -matt. 11:28

this morning He gave me rest from my heavy heart...

what happens when
we focus more on our
battles than on God?
our "enemy" appears
bigger, we appear
weaker, and our God
appears smaller. 
God has not forgotten.  He has seen your battles.
He has gathered your tears and blotted your brow.
He knows those who have treated you unfairly.
He knows when you're almost ready to give up or give in.
keep telling Him.  stay in His word.
keep claiming His promises. 
                           -beth moore

psalm 10:14
 But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted;
   you consider their grief and take it in hand.
The victims commit themselves to you;
   you are the helper of the fatherless.