Thursday, March 31

we have bedding

apparently i am not a very decisive person.
 in december and january i looked and looked for crib bedding.  i finally decided that i wanted something neutral.
we only have two bedrooms.  the nursery... that sounds weird.. is a very big room.  so if little ones down the line are going share this room, neutral was the way to go.  but it was really hard to find something....that i liked.  :)

this picture from this blog gave me an idea. 

 i loved this room!
super neutral with great accents... 

after hours of looking, this was my final decision

i found this here
 it came tonight!  my mom followed a tug on her heart and ordered it last week.... before our court date!  good job mom!

 even though we don't have a mattress for the crib yet,

i couldn't wait to see what it looked like!

can't wait for little hun-nee to be in there!

the inside is sooooo soft!!

i have some pictures of evan and my dad putting the crib together, but i can't find them at the moment... i'll update that later.

this is starting to feel very real!


  1. LOVE it! it's beautiful!!!

  2. gorgeous!!! love your taste! want to come over and help me redecorate? i have zero decorating skills!